XlexiT Technology B.V.
Your Partner for SOEKRIS products and consultancy

As Embedded Systems is one of the expertises of XlexiT Technology B.V. we are proud to offer you a complete range of embedded systems based on the x86 architecture. The boards are designed to run Open Source Operating Systems (eg. Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD) as well as closed source OS-es and have been sucessfully deployed in a wide range of applications from SOHO routers to data aquisition systems, sensor networks and wireless bridges.

XlexiT offers boards designed and manufactured by SOEKRIS Engineering of Santa Cruz (Ca, USA). Due to the excellent product quality and close cooperation between XlexiT and SOEKRIS we can offer you not only the boards and support, but also help you with getting your development environment and your application up-and-running as quick as possible.

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